Our coaches are taking a break from weekly coaching over May to August.  Over the winter one session per month is being offered to cover some different match-related topics as well as any specific skills interested players wish to include.

These monthly sessions will be held at Te Moana greens on 15 May, 12 June , 10 July and
​​​​​​​7 August – a roster is on the wallboard in Coaches Corner of the players’ lobby.  The sessions will NOT be weather dependent and will move indoors in the event of bad weather. (usual time 9:30 – 11:00am)

Coaches will continue to be available for 1:1 (or more if players want to get a group together) coaching on request to cover off anything specific players would like over winter.

For the summer months:

Coaching is every Wednesday 9.30 - 11.30am at the Te Moana Road site. 

Our qualified and friendly coaching staff are on hand to welcome bowlers at every level and especially to give encouragement to those who are trying our game for maybe the first time.  Excellent introductory tuition is offered.

The Club coaches will make themselves available on request if you are unable to attend on a Wednesday morning.  (e.g. workers.)


Helen Alford - 04 293 2080

Cheryl Henshilwood - 027 305 2381

Heather Lawton - 021 468 785

Eddie Martin -  021 121 0878

Ralph Pascoe - 021 914 363


Gaylene Nicol - 04 293 5656

Robyn Wilkinson - 04 293 2882