Full Membership  -    $275  All year bowling. (Inclusive of Club New Zealand subscription.)
Associate Membership  -  $65
Social/Playing Membership $200 - Inclusive of Clubs New Zealand subscription.
Student -  $65
Social Membership -  $27.50- Inclusive of Clubs New Zealand subscription.

Cash or cheque.  Place envelope, with your name, in Treasurer's slot, or
Direct credit to BNZ, Waikanae  - 

A/C No. 02:0591:0005873.000 (include name in reference section).

The Club's policy is that receipts will not be issued​​​​​​​


Full Members

Full Members are entitled to all the playing and other privileges and advantages of full membership of the Club.

Associate Members

Any Full Member of any other club affiliated to Bowls NZ is eligible for admission as an Associate Member of the Club. Associate Members are entitled to participate in the social and pavilion activities of the Club and to play on the Club's greens on such days as the Executive approves, but are not eligible to play in Club championship matches or to represent or play for the Club in outside competition. 

Student Members

Any person studying full time to commence an earning career who has never been fully employed at any educational institution is eligible and is entitled to the same playing and other privileges and advantages as Full Members.

Social Playing Members

Social Playing members elect to play bowls on a social basis only and can play on club days (including aggregate score events), events held only for Club members in galas open to outside teams being played on the Club’s greens and in friendly competitions with other Clubs. 

Social Members

Any person not wanting to enjoy full membership status but wishing to enjoy an ongoing association with the Club may apply in writing to the Secretary for Social Membership status with the Club. Social members are entitled to participate in social activities only and have no bowling privileges whatsoever

OFFICES OF BOWLS WAIKANAE                  2023-24

Patron                 Graham Fairburn

President            Eddie Martin

Vice President   Graeme Yeoman

Secretary            Heather Holme

Treasurer           Craig Andrews

Executive    Heather Lawton, Rewa Allen, Carole Joyce, Bill Alexander, Robin Doughty, Helen Guthrie, Ian Ingleton, Garry Wilson

Match Committee     

Ian Ross and Melva Rapson